In Memory of Tom

Tom is dead.

The heart of Tom´s Company has stopped beating. All of a sudden and totally unexpectedly Tom Hoffmann died on February 25, 2012 on his favorite island Bali, peacefully, in his sleep. He was so full of ideas and new plans. His irreepressible creativity and unquenchable curiosity for life – all of this is now over forever. We cannot believe it.

He is leaving us behind very sad – his partner and all his employees and business partners all over the world. We all have lost much more than a boss or a business partner.

Tom was a believer. He was fiercely convinced that life does not end with death.

Tom will live on in his Drags which have given so much joyful energy to so many people all over the world. We will keep him a cherished and tender memory. His vision will live on through us. We will take care of his 23 sponsored children all over the world. Tom´s Company will continue. Tom has left us so many unpublished ideas and concepts. The Drags will continue to bring happiness to many people. This is what Tom would have wanted.

Arno Mueller and the team of Tom´s Company


Living with the Drags