Our social engagement

Being among the few privileged people on this earth, we hold the key to change.

Just as we bring joy to people around the world through our collections, we seek through our work to help people from Third World countries. Since the creation of our firm, we have sponsored children from underdeveloped countries. Most of these children have already experienced much drama in their lives and, without help, would have little hope for a better future. Often, these children’s parents are separated or dead, and the little income they get isn’t enough to feed the family or to make basic medical care or education possible.

Thanks to you and to an organisation such as World Vision, we can share part of the success of our Tom´s Drag collections with these people and we are now supporting 23 children all over the world.

Our sponsored children are:

  • Ayelech from Ethiopia
  • Nick Roy Tellez from Bolivia
  • Thi To Quyen from Vietnam
  • Nancy Adhiambo from Kenya
  • Sharon from Zimbabwe
  • Thi Thu Trang from Vietnam
  • Rene Eduardo from Bolivia
  • Guisela Bartolo from Bolivia
  • Astou from Senegal
  • Saumu Hoseni from Tanzania
  • Francis Magdalena from Honduras
  • Sotheary from Cambodia
  • Hassimi from Mali
  • Tanvir from Bangladesh
  • Gadiel A Nolasco from Guatemala
  • Van Truong from Vietnam
  • Cedric from Burundi
  • Byambadulam from Mongolia
  • Bassi from Mali
  • Leicy Denis Claure from Bolivia
  • Wyclife Odoyo from Kenya
  • Karsana from Sri Lanka
  • Tien Hao from Vietnam


Living with the Drags